Clients and Testimonials

The value of our work is not determined solely by our properties and projects. It is just as dependent on the strength of our day-to-day relationships with clients and partners. Here’s what they have to say about Northwood Properties.

"You have treated me as a friend and not just an investor, and I always feel at ease when I am investing with you..."

Craig D. Gordon, D.M.D., Investor
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"I really love the design of the building, that I lease. It is very modern and versatile. I am extremely happy with my space. I am also very pleased with the maintenance and the communication that I have with Northwood Properties".

Pamela Dixon, Owner
"My Four C's" LLC candy, chocolate, candles, coffee


"As a Director of our National Office & Industrial Group I have represented hundreds of clients. In particular, I have recently represented Northwood Properties as both a buyer and seller. As a buyer, I found Northwood to be as solid as they come, performing due diligence in a fast professional manner, closing on time and generally doing what they say. As a seller, I found Northwood to be fair, honest and reasonable when negotiating with potential tenants or buyers.

I have found the staff of Northwood to be extremely knowledgeable and proficient in their individual jobs. Transactions with Northwood have been seamless due to the
vast experience of their development team and streamlined systems they have in place. I look forward to doing many more transactions with Mr. Visconti and his staff in the future".

Best Regards,
Marty Agnew










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